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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Kurt Finsterbusch, 16 books
George McKenna, 12 books
James F. Petras, 10 books
Louis Kriesberg, 9 books
Roberto Laserna, 8 books
Ralf Dahrendorf, 8 books
Karl Kautsky, 6 books
E. I. Stepanov, 6 books
Immanuel Maurice Wallerstein, 6 books
Ralf Dahrendorf, 6 books
Joseph P. Folger, 6 books
José de Souza Martins, 6 books
Lewis A. Coser, 5 books
Ken Wharton, 5 books
David M. Messick, 5 books
Anatol Rapoport, 5 books
Joseph F. Healey, 5 books
Henry Veltmeyer, 5 books
Randall Collins, 5 books
Charles Tilly, 5 books
Daniel Chirot, 5 books
Bryan D. Palmer, 5 books
Hall, Michael, 5 books
Beba Balvé, 5 books
Ted Robert Gurr, 5 books