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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Guifa Bi, 8 books
Chongji Jin, 6 books
Mao Zedong, 6 books
Xianzhi Pang, 4 books
Han Wang, 4 books
Han, Suyin, 4 books
Stuart R. Schram, 3 books
Yanchi Quan, 3 books
Gregor Benton, 3 books
Xiaoping Ding, 3 books
Feng Chen, 3 books
Zedong Mao, 3 books
Philip Short, 2 books
Margaret Olwen Macmillan, 2 books
Alexander Pantsov, 2 books
Anna Wang, 2 books
Susumu Yabuki, 2 books
Ying Li, 2 books
Edward Albee, 2 books
Arthur Allen Cohen, 2 books
Jasper Becker, 2 books
Jiannong Jiang, 2 books
Shujun Zhang, 2 books
Baoyi Sun, 2 books
Chaozhu Wang, 2 books


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