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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Mao Zedong, 37 books
Zedong Mao, 27 books
Guifa Bi, 13 books
Yansheng Di, 11 books
Xunchang Sheng, 8 books
Yunsheng Huang, 8 books
Chongji Jin, 8 books
Yanchi Quan, 7 books
Derong Zheng, 7 books
Zhixin Dong, 6 books
Han Wang, 6 books
Jin Chen, 6 books
Dengcai Chen, 6 books
Shi, Zhongquan, 5 books
Jiannong Jiang, 5 books
Baozi Gu, 5 books
Ziling Xin, 5 books
Jianyu Long, 5 books
Jie Li, 5 books
Junru Li, 5 books
Yonglie Ye, 5 books
Ren min chu ban she, 5 books
Zhongguo qing nian chu ban she, 5 books
Alexander Pantsov, 4 books
Wang, Ming, 4 books