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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Roderick MacFarquhar, 7 books
Yang, Jiang, 5 books
Liu, Guokai., 4 books
Chen, Da, 4 books
Dongbing Shi, 4 books
Chihua Wen, 4 books
Andrew G. Walder, 3 books
Yamazaki, Toyoko, 3 books
Dai, Sijie, 3 books
Nien Cheng, 3 books
Anchee Min, 3 books
Lowell Dittmer, 3 books
Xiaosheng Liang, 3 books
Jicai Feng, 3 books
Yongyi Song, 3 books
Feng, Jicai., 3 books
Maomao, 3 books
John Sisyphus, 3 books
Ralph C. Croizier, 2 books
Ye, Yonglie., 2 books
Barbara Mittler, 2 books
Jeff Hay, 2 books
Guo, Jian, 2 books
Michel Bonnin, 2 books
Jack Chen, 2 books


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