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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Jintian Liu, 11 books
Deng, Xiaoping, 10 books
Zhong gong zhong yang wen xian yan jiu shi. Deng Xiaoping yan jiu zu, 8 books
Zhong gong zhong yang wen xian yan jiu shi, 8 books
Yu Jin, 8 books
Maomao, 7 books
Ezra F. Vogel, 5 books
Guoyu Yang, 4 books
Shanbi Han, 4 books
Junru Li, 4 books
Jundao Yu, 4 books
Jintian Liu, 3 books
Feiqin Chen, 3 books
Taifeng Zhai, 3 books
Zhongyuan Cheng, 3 books
Jian'gong Lin, 3 books
Yi Gao, 3 books
Wei Yu, 3 books
Zbigniew K. Brzezinski, 3 books
Keqing Zheng, 3 books
Shihong Wu, 3 books
Bingxin Tian, 3 books
Li Gong, 3 books
Xuan Qin, 3 books
Zhikui Zhao, 3 books