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  • Manifest der Kommunistischen Partei by Karl Marx, Friedrich Engels
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    Das Kapital by Karl Marx
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    Animal Farm by George Orwell
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    The iron heel by Jack London
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    Principles of political economy by John Stuart Mill
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    Das Kapital by Karl Marx
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    Selected works by Karl Marx
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    Lohnarbeit und Kapital by Karl Marx
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    Deutsche Ideologie by Karl Marx
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    Ludwig Feuerbach und der Ausgang der klassischen deutschen Philosophie by Friedrich Engels
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    Public opinion by Walter Lippmann
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    Demos by George Gissing
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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Friedrich Engels, 124 books
Karl Marx, 121 books
Vladimir Ilich Lenin, 108 books
Rosa Luxemburg, 46 books
Georgiĭ Valentinovich Plekhanov, 35 books
Karl Kautsky, 32 books
William Morris, 30 books
Kim, Il-sŏng, 29 books
George Douglas Howard Cole, 26 books
Eduard Bernstein, 22 books
George Bernard Shaw, 21 books
Leon Trotsky, 21 books
Marta Harnecker, 18 books
August Bebel, 17 books
Harold Joseph Laski, 16 books
Harry W. Laidler, 16 books
Jean Jaurès, 16 books
Charles Fourier, 16 books
Amin, Samir., 16 books
Connolly, James, 15 books
Strachey, John, 15 books
MacDonald, James Ramsay, 14 books
Gustav Landauer, 14 books
György Lukács, 14 books
Ludwig von Mises, 14 books


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