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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Antonio Gramsci, 37 books
Giuseppe Vacca, 10 books
Giuseppe Fiori, 7 books
Giorgio Baratta, 7 books
Giuseppe Prestipino, 7 books
Antonio A. Santucci, 6 books
Guido Liguori, 6 books
Angelo Rossi, 6 books
Palmiro Togliatti, 5 books
Angelo D'Orsi, 5 books
Peter Mayo, 5 books
Peter Ives, 4 books
A. R. Buzzi, 4 books
John M. Cammett, 4 books
Michele Maggi, 4 books
Nicola Badaloni, 4 books
Carlos Nelson Coutinho, 4 books
Alberto Burgio, 4 books
Alastair Davidson, 4 books
Michele Pistillo, 4 books
Dora Kanoussi, 4 books
Giancarlo Bergami, 3 books
Giuseppe Cospito, 3 books
Franco Lo Piparo, 3 books
Dominique Grisoni, 3 books


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