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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Karl Marx, 116 books
Adam Smith, 51 books
Colander, 50 books
Friedrich Engels, 43 books
Paul Anthony Samuelson, 33 books
Robinson, Joan, 31 books
Ludwig von Mises, 29 books
John Ruskin, 27 books
Robert Louis Heilbroner, 24 books
Hans Brems, 22 books
Schumpeter, Joseph Alois, 22 books
Friedrich A. von Hayek, 21 books
Richard G. Lipsey, 19 books
James D. Gwartney, 19 books
Jean Baptiste Say, 18 books
P.-J. Proudhon, 18 books
David Ricardo, 17 books
Kenneth Ewart Boulding, 17 books
Malthus, T. R., 17 books
Edwin Mansfield, 17 books
Douglas A. Lind, 17 books
G. L. S. Shackle, 17 books
Charles Gide, 16 books
Vilfredo Pareto, 16 books
Robert Ferber, 16 books


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