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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Adam Smith, 23 books
Dugald Stewart, 10 books
Jeremy Bentham, 7 books
John Cunningham Wood, 6 books
Fay, C. R., 5 books
West, E. G., 5 books
Andrew S. Skinner, 5 books
Knud Haakonssen, 4 books
Horst Claus Recktenwald, 4 books
John Maurice Clark, 4 books
Gray, John, 3 books
Viner, Jacob, 3 books
Rae, John, 3 books
E. A. J. Johnson, 3 books
David A. Reisman, 3 books
Glenn R. Morrow, 3 books
D. D. Raphael, 3 books
Vivienne Brown, 3 books
William Robert Scott, 3 books
Adelino Zanini, 3 books
Gloria Vivenza, 3 books
Jerry Evensky, 2 books
Carl Lotus Becker, 2 books
R. S. Neale, 2 books
Oncken, August, 2 books