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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Peter Singer, 20 books
Peter Koslowski, 19 books
Jeremy Collier, 17 books
Larry May, 15 books
Dietmar Mieth, 15 books
M. Pabst Battin, 14 books
Hans Lenk, 14 books
University Faculty for Life. Conference, 13 books
Jack Canfield, 13 books
Arthur L. Caplan, 12 books
Clifford G. Christians, 12 books
Joel Feinberg, 12 books
Luigino Bruni, 11 books
Fritz Allhoff, 11 books
Craig Donnellan, 11 books
Daniel Callahan, 11 books
Allen E. Buchanan, 11 books
Bartha Maria Knoppers, 11 books
Richard A. Spinello, 10 books
Norman Daniels, 10 books
Thompson, Kenneth W., 10 books
Tom L. Beauchamp, 10 books
Sarah Banks, 9 books
Hans Jonas, 9 books
Bernard E. Rollin, 9 books


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