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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Robert M. Veatch, 18 books
Thomas Percival, 15 books
Robert F. Almeder, 15 books
James M. Humber, 15 books
Tom L. Beauchamp, 15 books
Albert R. Jonsen, 11 books
Ronald Munson, 11 books
Arthur L. Caplan, 10 books
LeRoy Walters, 10 books
Bonnie Steinbock, 9 books
Andreas Frewer, 8 books
Fred Rosner, 8 books
Donna Dickenson, 8 books
Norman Daniels, 8 books
Thomas A. Mappes, 8 books
Peter Singer, 7 books
John Arras, 7 books
Donald G. McCarthy, 7 books
Salvino Leone, 7 books
Kenneth L. Vaux, 7 books
Gregory E. Pence, 7 books
Edmund D. Pellegrino, 7 books
David C. Thomasma, 7 books
Alastair V. Campbell, 7 books
Shannon, Thomas A., 6 books


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