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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Jean-Jacques Rousseau, 85 books
Voltaire, 14 books
Daniel Mornet, 11 books
Michel Launay, 11 books
Émile Faguet, 10 books
Albert Schinz, 9 books
Raymond Trousson, 9 books
Charles Dédéyan, 8 books
Hippolyte Buffenoir, 7 books
Maurice William Cranston, 7 books
Madame de Staël, 6 books
Roger Barny, 6 books
Fritz Berthoud, 6 books
Gilbert Fauconnier, 6 books
André Cresson, 5 books
Charly Guyot, 5 books
Charles Dédéyan, 5 books
William Acher, 5 books
Pierre Burgelin, 5 books
Gabriel Compayré, 5 books
Émile Durkheim, 5 books
Emile Faguet, 5 books
Bergier M., 5 books
Jean Starobinski, 5 books
Charles Borde, 5 books


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