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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Glasgow (Scotland), 116 books
Glasgow Royal Asylum for Lunatics, 23 books
Bill Knox, 16 books
Margaret Thomson Davis, 14 books
Denise Mina, 13 books
Peter Turnbull, 10 books
Jessica Stirling, 10 books
Russell, James Burn, 8 books
Emma Blair, 8 books
James Kelman, 6 books
Rudolph Kenna, 6 books
Carol Foreman, 6 books
Cleland, James, 5 books
Malcolm Mackay, 5 books
Pat McIntosh, 4 books
Shadow., 4 books
Guy Fraser, 4 books
Clifford Hanley, 3 books
Frank Worsdall, 3 books
Alex Gray, 3 books
Thomas Annan, 3 books
Charles Allen Oakley, 3 books
Hamish Whyte, 3 books
Archibald Kerr Chalmers, 3 books
John Strang, 3 books