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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
M. C. Beaton, 38 books
Gerald Hammond, 20 books
Victoria Queen of Great Britain, 19 books
Hannah Howell, 19 books
Mary Wine, 12 books
Monica McCarty, 11 books
Lynsay Sands, 10 books
Amanda Scott, 10 books
M. C. Beaton, 10 books
Karen Marie Moning, 9 books
James Browne, 9 books
Logan, James, 7 books
Terri Brisbin, 7 books
Ward, Lock and Company, ltd., 6 books
Suzanne Enoch, 6 books
Julia London, 6 books
Michael R. Phillips, 6 books
Susan King, 6 books
Barbara Cartland, 6 books
Paula Quinn, 6 books
William Forbes Skene, 6 books
Hunter, James, 6 books
Neil Miller Gunn, 5 books
Connie Brockway, 5 books
Sue-Ellen Welfonder, 5 books