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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Stephanie Laurens, 81 books
Anne Herries, 77 books
Louise Allen, 60 books
Kasey Michaels, 56 books
Susan Wiggs, 49 books
Sophia James, 48 books
Lauri Robinson, 45 books
Christina Dodd, 43 books
Jillian Hart, 42 books
Mary Nichols, 42 books
Margaret Moore, 42 books
Marguerite Kaye, 42 books
Bronwyn Scott, 40 books
Terri Brisbin, 40 books
Johanna Lindsey, 39 books
Michelle Styles, 39 books
Juliet Landon, 37 books
Helen Dickson, 37 books
Jennifer Blake, 37 books
Michelle Willingham, 37 books
Paula Marshall, 36 books
Christine Merrill, 36 books
Brenda Joyce, 36 books
Louise Allen, 35 books
Annie Burrows, 34 books


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