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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Gaetano Salvemini, 11 books
Beatrice Potter Webb, 11 books
Vladimir Medem, 9 books
Eduard Bernstein, 6 books
William Morris, 6 books
Rammanohar Lohia, 6 books
Rosa Luxemburg, 6 books
Denis Lefebvre, 6 books
Pierre Mauroy, 6 books
Turati, Filippo, 6 books
Michał Śliwa, 6 books
I. M. Maĭskiĭ, 5 books
Gilles Candar, 5 books
Gorman, Robert A., 5 books
Eugene V. Debs, 5 books
Norbert Michta, 4 books
Arahata, Kanson, 4 books
Friedrich Engels, 4 books
Piero Gobetti, 4 books
Norberto Galasso, 4 books
Vittorio Foa, 4 books
Paolo Bagnoli, 4 books
Jean-Marc Binot, 4 books
Ian Birchall, 4 books
Leslie Derfler, 4 books


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