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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Pierre Lenain, 12 books
Jacques Faizant, 10 books
Christine Clerc, 7 books
Edwy Plenel, 7 books
Alain Duhamel, 6 books
Jean Dutourd, 6 books
Albert Lebacqz, 5 books
Edouard Balladur, 5 books
Philippe Alexandre, 5 books
Franz-Olivier Giesbert, 5 books
Jean-Pierre Chevènement, 5 books
Jean Michel Royer, 5 books
Plantu., 4 books
Thierry Desjardins, 4 books
Alain Minc, 4 books
François Léotard, 4 books
Michel Rocard, 4 books
Wolinski., 4 books
André Bercoff, 4 books
Denis Tillinac, 4 books
Christian Saint-Etienne, 4 books
Thierry Pfister, 4 books
Ross, George, 4 books
Jean-Marie Colombani, 4 books
Pierre Favier, 4 books


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