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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Zhenglong Zhang, 9 books
Dejin Yuan, 4 books
Jicheng Xia, 4 books
Hengbin Gui, 4 books
Jinglin Liu, 4 books
Tong Liu, 4 books
Wu, Youheng., 3 books
Jack Birns, 3 books
Youzhi Yao, 3 books
Raymond James Barnett, 2 books
Andreĭ Mefodievich Ledovskiĭ, 2 books
Li, Li, 2 books
B. G. Sapozhnikov, 2 books
Pʻeng-chʻeng Tu, 2 books
Kusano, Fumio, 2 books
Hua Li, 2 books
Li, Lei., 2 books
Sam Tata, 2 books
Qu, Bo, 2 books
Seymour Topping, 2 books
Jin Yu, 2 books
Ping Lu, 2 books
Israel Epstein, 2 books
Peng Deng, 2 books
William Hinton, 2 books


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