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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Roy Kamphausen, 6 books
Andrew Scobell, 4 books
James C. Mulvenon, 4 books
Guanren Chen, 4 books
Rongzhen Nie, 4 books
Peng, Dehuai, 3 books
William W. Whitson, 3 books
Michael D. Swaine, 3 books
David Lai, 3 books
Xiangqian Xu, 3 books
Jinsheng Ma, 3 books
Shijian Kang, 3 books
Li, Xin., 2 books
Ding, Longyan., 2 books
Samuel B. Griffith, 2 books
Michael Y. M. Kau, 2 books
June Teufel Dreyer, 2 books
Dennis J. Blasko, 2 books
Michael E. Marti, 2 books
Bing Wang, 2 books
Zishen Zhang, 2 books
Mingjin Zhang, 2 books
Kejia Sun, 2 books
Xizhen Jing, 2 books
Lin Zhang, 2 books


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