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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
China., 28 books
Mao Zedong, 13 books
Wu, Xiangxiang, 11 books
China. Guo min da hui, 11 books
Ren min chu ban she, Peking, 11 books
Sima Qian, 11 books
Zhidong Zhang, 10 books
China. Treaties, etc., 10 books
Robert Storey, 9 books
Li, Gong, 8 books
Wei-Chuan Publishing, 8 books
Zhu Deming, 8 books
Wen Jinshu, 8 books
Zhu Guifu, 8 books
Zhang Guomin, 8 books
Zhang Guoxiang, 8 books
Xu Rongming, 8 books
Cao Gang, 8 books
Qiyun Zhang, 8 books
Yunwu Wang, 8 books
Fengpei Wu, 8 books
Ssǔ-mien Lü, 8 books
Xin yuan dong chu ban she, Taizhong, Formosa, 8 books
Zhongguo fa zhi chu ban she, 8 books
Joseph Needham, 7 books


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