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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Meizhen Wu, 35 books
Zheng yuan jie, 21 books
Meizhen Wu, 19 books
Hongying Yang, 18 books
Qing An, 15 books
Shixi Shen, 14 books
Jingming Guo, 14 books
Yuanjie Zheng, 14 books
Wu mei zhen, 13 books
Bing Xin, 12 books
老舍, 12 books
Tao Liang, 12 books
Yujun Yu, 12 books
Mi mi la, 12 books
Duoduo Miao, 12 books
Peng Yang, 11 books
lu Xu, 11 books
ping Yi, 11 books
Yang hong ying, 11 books
Rao xue man, 11 books
Sanmao, 10 books
Wenjun Qin, 9 books
Luo Guanzhong, 9 books
Yuanjie Zheng, 9 books
Shang xiao na, 9 books