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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Beijing Shi di fang zhi bian zuan wei yuan hui, 19 books
Yida Liu, 10 books
Beijing Shi wen wu yan jiu suo, 9 books
Lao, She, 6 books
Odile Cail, 6 books
Hou, Renzhi, 5 books
Karl Baedeker (Firm), 5 books
Damian Harper, 5 books
Jianjun Li, 5 books
Pierre Loti, 5 books
Yang Qiu, 5 books
Zhu Hong, 5 books
Zhuoyun Yu, 5 books
Pingyuan Chen, 4 books
Diane Wei Liang, 4 books
Derk Bodde, 4 books
Putnam Weale, B. L., 3 books
John Blofeld, 3 books
May, Peter, 3 books
Renchun Chang, 3 books
Zufu Ye, 3 books
Chui Hu, 3 books
Lianfang Shi, 3 books
Su Sa, 3 books
Hequn Bai, 3 books


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