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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Quan guo tu shu guan wen xian suo wei fu zhi zhong xin (China), 13 books
Wumanlanjiang, 9 books
Edgar Snow, 7 books
Pu Yi, 7 books
André Malraux, 7 books
Tianshi Yang, 7 books
Xin Li, 6 books
Agnes Smedley, 5 books
Sun, Yat-sen, 5 books
Zuo, Shunsheng, 5 books
C. P. Fitzgerald, 4 books
Xu, Zhucheng, 4 books
Anna Wang, 4 books
George Moseley, 4 books
Hongyun Wei, 4 books
Lattimore, Owen, 4 books
Tingyi Chen, 4 books
Ming He, 4 books
Xiaohua Wang, 4 books
Xinquan Zhu, 4 books
Puyi, 4 books
Gustav Amann, 3 books
Ye, Yonglie., 3 books
Li, Xin, 3 books
Wu, Xiangxiang, 3 books


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