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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Shan Kan Ning pien chʻü chêng fu, 8 books
Hualin Nie, 6 books
Jianxin Yang, 5 books
Manli Ma, 4 books
Shan Kan Ning pien chʻü tsʻan i hui, 4 books
Yang, Lian, 3 books
Wenchang Wang, 3 books
Dazheng Ma, 3 books
Taishan Yu, 3 books
Weizhou Zhou, 3 books
Rong Wang, 3 books
Sven Hedin, 2 books
Mildred Cable, 2 books
Shan Gan Ning bian qu (China), 2 books
Yang, Jianxin., 2 books
Xueben Zhuang, 2 books
Hsiao-ting Lin, 2 books
Yongxing Wang, 2 books
Zhengyi Shi, 2 books
Dejin Yuan, 2 books
Xi Zhao, 2 books
Qi Zhao, 2 books
Yuning Chen, 2 books
Jianguo Wu, 2 books
Lian Yang, 2 books


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