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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Yasushi Inoue, 10 books
Ikuo Hirayama, 9 books
Nagasawa, Kazutoshi, 7 books
Mori, Yutaka, 7 books
Xinru Liu, 3 books
Valerie Hansen, 3 books
H. P. S. Ahluwalia, 2 books
Chin, Shunshin, 2 books
Misugi, Takatoshi, 2 books
Helen Wang, 2 books
Wei-chʻüan Weng, 2 books
Susan Whitfield, 2 books
Paul Strathern, 2 books
Peter Hopkirk, 2 books
Katsumi Tanabe, 2 books
Tingliang Yan, 2 books
Yuxiang Dong, 2 books
Sunita Dwivedi, 2 books
In-pʻyŏng Chŏn, 2 books
Sally Hovey Wriggins, 2 books
Mical Schneider, 2 books
E. E. Kuzʹmina, 2 books
Rong Wang, 2 books
Zuixiong Li, 2 books
Feng Luo, 2 books


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