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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Xintai Zhang, 8 books
Albert von Le Coq, 6 books
Jarring, Gunnar, 6 books
Xiongfu Ma, 6 books
Wanghao Lou, 5 books
Stein, Aurel Sir, 4 books
Yingyi Jia, 4 books
İsa Yusuf Alptekin, 3 books
Dazheng Ma, 3 books
Binghua Wang, 3 books
United States. Congressional-Executive Commission on China, 3 books
Salman Rashid, 3 books
Fred H. Andrews, 2 books
Lennart Larsson, 2 books
Sven Hedin, 2 books
Mildred Cable, 2 books
Henderson, George M.D., 2 books
E. A. Afanasʹeva, 2 books
Hoppe, Thomas, 2 books
Michael Friederich, 2 books
Chao Chen, 2 books
Ji Xianlin, 2 books
Beihai Su, 2 books
Zhiping Pan, 2 books
Lianyun Han, 2 books


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