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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Irene M. Franck, 8 books
Sven Hedin, 5 books
Xinru Liu, 5 books
Abdul Sheriff, 3 books
Luce Boulnois, 3 books
A. Hingston Quiggin, 3 books
Enrico Rizzi, 3 books
Arnolds Spekke, 3 books
Xu Li, 3 books
Struan Reid, 3 books
Dilip K. Chakrabarti, 2 books
Robert Hanks, 2 books
Historical Association (Great Britain), 2 books
Jean Poujade, 2 books
Paul Morand, 2 books
Christina Phelps Harris, 2 books
Moti Chandra, 2 books
Hoskins, Halford Lancaster, 2 books
Barbara Toy, 2 books
Paul Strathern, 2 books
Jean Duché, 2 books
Jean Duché, 2 books
Franz Michael Falkenstein, 2 books
Mical Schneider, 2 books
Pierre Jeannin, 2 books


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