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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Zhenqing Yan, 8 books
Roderick Whitfield, 4 books
Gu gong bo wu yuan (China), 4 books
Jinglong Liu, 4 books
Xun Ouyang, 3 books
Suiliang Chu, 3 books
Gongquan Liu, 3 books
Doucheng Du, 3 books
Hongxun Yang, 3 books
Shinan Yu, 3 books
Zhiyong., 2 books
Tong, Shuye., 2 books
Susan Whitfield, 2 books
Wei Han, 2 books
Baoxi Zhang, 2 books
Yuxiang Dong, 2 books
Patricia Eichenbaum Karetzky, 2 books
Guoting Sun, 2 books
Zhizhang He, 2 books
British Museum, 2 books
Gang Shang, 2 books
Liuqing Kong, 2 books
Tong Ouyang, 2 books
Shanxi li shi bo wu guan., 2 books
Yuhua Lei, 2 books


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