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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Wang, Li, 94 books
Shuxiang Lü, 42 books
Bernhard Karlgren, 30 books
Jinxi Li, 30 books
Chao, Yuen Ren, 29 books
Yang, Shuda, 27 books
Yuehua Liu, 22 books
John DeFrancis, 21 books
Changpei Luo, 21 books
Wang, Yinglin, 20 books
Claudia Ross, 20 books
Youren Yu, 19 books
Zhihao Jiang Li, 19 books
Huang, Kan, 17 books
Yanhui Zhang, 17 books
Zhou, Zhiping, 17 books
Jingmin Shao, 16 books
Elizabeth Scurfield, 16 books
Chen, Carol (Chinese language teacher), 15 books
Sue-mei Wu, 15 books
Yueming Yu, 15 books
Duanzheng Wen, 15 books
Xingjian Li, 15 books
Yewang Gu, 15 books
Xinxiong Chen, 15 books


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