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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
China., 7 books
Luxia Song, 7 books
Qiu Xiaolong, 6 books
Kazuo Ishiguro, 5 books
Nairong Qian, 5 books
Bin Chen, 5 books
Xiaolong Qiu, 4 books
Irene Eber, 3 books
Liyong Xue, 3 books
Shanghai bo wu guan, 3 books
Chun En Li, 3 books
Yi Zheng, 3 books
Chenghao Lou, 3 books
Zhiguang Chai, 3 books
Ruiyan Xu, 3 books
Zhang, Qi., 2 books
Ernest O. Hauser, 2 books
China. Hai guan zong shui wu si shu., 2 books
Steve Hochstadt, 2 books
Greg Patent, 2 books
Suzy Gershman, 2 books
Peter Finkelgruen, 2 books
Damian Harper, 2 books
Petrov, V. P., 2 books
Shahid Yusuf, 2 books


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