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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Henri Frankfort, 4 books
Karlgren, Bernhard, 2 books
Wang, Li, 2 books
Sun, Liangming., 2 books
Weihui Wang, 2 books
Zuofeng Li, 2 books
Lixin Jin, 2 books
Chevalier, Jean, 2 books
Yün Wang, 2 books
Yujin Zhang, 2 books
Zhao Liu, 2 books
Shulin Zhong, 2 books
Francis Macdonald Cornford, 2 books
Axel Schuessler, 1 book
Chou, Fa-kao., 1 book
Henri Daniel-Rops, 1 book
Hong, Chengyu., 1 book
Ernest Findlay Scott, 1 book
Hao, Yixing, 1 book
Wang, Ying., 1 book
Zhou, Zumo., 1 book
Giorgio Fano, 1 book
Jiang, Liangfu., 1 book
Zhang, Yongyan., 1 book
I. S. Gurevich, 1 book


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