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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Sima Qian, 25 books
Sima Guang, 23 books
Qian Sima, 16 books
Michael Loewe, 10 books
Dake Zhang, 8 books
Ruiyuan, 7 books
Fan, Ye, 6 books
Ban, Gu, 6 books
Zhaoqi Han, 6 books
Ke Yue, 6 books
Haotianmuyun, 6 books
Yuan, Shu, 5 books
Tianlin Xu, 5 books
Pi-sŏk Chŏng, 5 books
Zhilong Ling, 5 books
Meng, Xiangcai., 4 books
Chen, Zhi, 4 books
Gao, Min, 4 books
Hans Bielenstein, 4 books
Jiazhou Sun, 4 books
Zuozhang An, 4 books
Ku Pan, 4 books
Liqun Wang, 4 books
Mary Pope Osborne, 4 books
Xiaolei Wang, 4 books


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