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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Qi Zhao, 5 books
Mencius, 5 books
Peirong Fu, 4 books
Zhu, Xi, 4 books
Mencius., 4 books
Dai, Zhen, 4 books
Yi, Hwang, 3 books
Huang, Junjie, 3 books
Yuhuan Hu, 3 books
I. A. Richards, 2 books
James Legge, 2 books
Zhu, Tingxian., 2 books
Cheng, Zhaoxiong., 2 books
Asai, Shigenori, 2 books
Albert Felix Verwilghen, 2 books
Zhizhong Cai, 2 books
Genze Luo, 2 books
Sukema Ojima, 2 books
Peigui Liu, 2 books
Zebo Yang, 2 books
Ruoqu Yan, 2 books
Minghui Li, 2 books
Jiucheng Zhang, 2 books
Wende Zhou, 2 books
Zhenzhong Dong, 2 books


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