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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Chang-tʻae Kŭm, 25 books
Peirong Fu, 14 books
Shuxian Liu, 10 books
Confucius, 8 books
Huang, Junjie, 7 books
Wei-ming Tu, 7 books
Kŭm, Chang-tʻae, 6 books
Minghui Li, 6 books
Sŭng-guk Yu, 6 books
Ture Haksul (Firm : Korea), 6 books
Wŏn-jin Han, 5 books
Anwu Lin, 5 books
Pyŏng-do Yi, 5 books
Qiyong Guo, 5 books
Lai Chen, 5 books
Ŭi-dong Hwang, 5 books
Purham Munhwasa (Korea), 5 books
Luo, Guang, 4 books
Zeng, Zhaoxu., 4 books
Zhongying Cheng, 4 books
Yŏng-jin Chʻoe, 4 books
Ki-gŭn Chang, 4 books
Kyŏng-yo Sŏ, 4 books
Samgwi Munhwasa, 4 books
Weiming Tu, 4 books


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