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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Feng, Youlan, 46 books
Confucius, 36 books
François Jullien, 22 books
Zhongying Cheng, 19 books
Lai Chen, 19 books
Hu, Shi, 18 books
Ren, Jiyu, 17 books
Laozi, 16 books
Li, Zehou., 16 books
Zhang, Dainian., 15 books
Zhu, Xi, 15 books
Luo, Guang, 14 books
Zhuangzi, 14 books
Zhengtong Wei, 14 books
Liang, Qichao, 14 books
Yijie Tang, 14 books
Wing-tsit Chan, 13 books
Qian, Mu, 13 books
Feng, Qi, 12 books
Dawen Feng, 12 books
Shafu Xiao, 12 books
Peirong Fu, 12 books
Qingzhang Lin, 12 books
Liwen Zhang, 11 books
Fang, Dongmei., 10 books


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