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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Kunsheng Li, 4 books
Yunnan Sheng bian ji zu, 4 books
Joseph Francis Charles Rock, 3 books
Jacques Deprat, 3 books
Ruxian Yan, 3 books
Jun Huang, 3 books
Fuquan Yang, 3 books
Xuewang Pu, 3 books
Xiaoyun Zheng, 3 books
Xingrong Zhang, 3 books
Jiaji Guo, 3 books
Shaoting Yin, 3 books
Yuhong Liang, 3 books
Zhong gong Yunnan Sheng wei. Dang shi yan jiu shi, 3 books
Francis Kingdon Ward, 2 books
Du, Yuting., 2 books
Chen, Jie., 2 books
Li, Guowen., 2 books
Wang, Bin, 2 books
Ju-kʻang Tʻien, 2 books
Jiang, Yingliang., 2 books
Xu Li, 2 books
Haitao Wang, 2 books
Zengqi Zhang, 2 books
Xuezheng Yang, 2 books


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