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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Joseph Francis Charles Rock, 9 books
Fuquan Yang, 5 books
Gatusa Lamu, 4 books
Zhaolin Song, 4 books
Ruxian Yan, 3 books
Lie Chen, 3 books
Haibo Yu, 3 books
Peter Goullart, 3 books
Jackson, Anthony, 2 books
Cai Hua, 2 books
Zhonghua He, 2 books
Lichun Mu, 2 books
Gengsheng Bai, 2 books
Xinyu Zhao, 2 books
Jinchun Li, 2 books
Ge'agan., 2 books
Yang Erche Namu, 2 books
Junhua Zhou, 2 books
Gsaṅ-bdag, 2 books
Jacques Bacot, 1 book
Li, Guowen., 1 book
Fang, Guoyu, 1 book
Feng, Li., 1 book
Elisabeth Hsu, 1 book
Helen Rees, 1 book


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