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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Fang, Guoyu, 4 books
Xu Li, 4 books
Yunnan Sheng bian ji zu, 4 books
Archibald John Little, 3 books
Fuquan Yang, 3 books
Auguste Pavie, 3 books
Claudius Madrolle, 2 books
Francis Kingdon Ward, 2 books
Heinrich Friedrich Hackmann, 2 books
Louis Pichon, 2 books
Huang, Jie, 2 books
Ju-kʻang Tʻien, 2 books
Henry Rodolph Davies, 2 books
Ching-chih Sun, 2 books
Anderson, John, 2 books
Nicol Smith, 2 books
Emile Rocher, 2 books
Michael Freeman, 2 books
Jun Huang, 2 books
Zengqi Zhang, 2 books
Yao Ma, 2 books
Kunsheng Li, 2 books
Yilu Huang, 2 books
Chuo Fan, 2 books
Linse, 2 books


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