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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
14th Dalai Lama, 70 books
Alexandra David-Néel, 18 books
Evariste Régis Huc, 17 books
Sven Hedin, 13 books
Eliot Pattison, 12 books
Giuseppe Tucci, 11 books
Heinrich Harrer, 11 books
Nikolai Przhevalsky, 9 books
William Woodville Rockhill, 9 books
Hugh Edward Richardson, 8 books
Weise, 8 books
Francis Kingdon Ward, 7 books
5th Dalai Lama, 7 books
Claude B. Levenson, 7 books
Wang, Yao, 7 books
Petr Kuzʹmich Kozlov, 6 books
Lihua Ma, 6 books
Sarat Chandra Das, 6 books
Zhang, Xiaoming., 5 books
Claude Arpi, 5 books
Hedin, Sven Anders, 5 books
Michel Peissel, 5 books
Dongfan Liao, 5 books
Guanqun Lin, 5 books
Wilhelm Filchner, 5 books


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