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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Yan Liu, 20 books
Zengyu Wang, 10 books
Nai'an Shi, 9 books
Hengtangtuishi, 8 books
Gaoping Zhang, 8 books
Biao You, 7 books
Guangming Deng, 7 books
Zumou Zhu, 7 books
Guizhang Tang, 7 books
Su, Shi, 7 books
Shangshu Zhu, 6 books
Yunyi Hu, 6 books
Zhaopeng Wang, 6 books
Yuanchong Xu, 6 books
Jacques Gernet, 6 books
Shuizhao Wang, 6 books
Zaozhuang Zeng, 5 books
Tao, Jinsheng, 4 books
Shi, Yukun, 4 books
Han, Yu, 4 books
Tuotuo, 4 books
Meng, Yuanlao, 4 books
Huarui Li, 4 books
Wenpeng Tao, 4 books
Hongyi Gu, 4 books


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