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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Asami Collection (University of California, Berkeley), 22 books
Chia-ying Yeh, 21 books
Hengtangtuishi, 18 books
Xinhui He, 18 books
Xiao Xiao, 11 books
Xingyao Jin, 11 books
Pengcheng Gong, 11 books
Ye, Jiaying., 10 books
Bai Li, 10 books
Haifu Gao, 10 books
Xiao jiang nan, 10 books
Arthur Waley, 9 books
Shuqiong Zhang, 9 books
Wai-lim Yip, 9 books
Wang, Shizhen, 8 books
Kenneth Rexroth, 8 books
Wenpeng Tao, 8 books
Mian Xie, 8 books
Guizhang Tang, 8 books
Zhengzhong Xu, 8 books
Yongzheng Chen, 8 books
Michelle Mi-Hsi Yeh, 8 books
Qian, Zhonglian, 7 books
L. Cranmer-Byng, 7 books
Tu Fu, 7 books


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