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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Zhiping Chen, 4 books
Zhiping Chen, 4 books
Hong Xu, 3 books
Mingsheng Ye, 3 books
Mary E. Darley, 2 books
Eugene Stock, 2 books
Xie, Chongguang., 2 books
P. J. Donnelly, 2 books
Mianshan He, 2 books
Guangyu Song, 2 books
Xiangzhi Kong, 2 books
Yunsheng Xie, 2 books
Bing'an Wang, 2 books
Xingliang Zheng, 2 books
Zhenmin Wang, 2 books
Binggen Wang, 2 books
Zhenshou Chen, 2 books
Jason Lim, 2 books
Fujian bo wu yuan, 2 books
Changjun Yi, 2 books
Jerry Norman, 1 book
Yu, Xintuo., 1 book
Liu, Zhen., 1 book
Xu, Changhui, 1 book
Zhang, Tianlai., 1 book


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