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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Xie, Chongguang., 6 books
Wendian Zhong, 5 books
Yuanheng Tan, 3 books
Xiaochun Liu, 3 books
Yanjie Yang, 3 books
Huanyue Liu, 3 books
Yizhang Liu, 3 books
Winston Hayden Chang, 2 books
Sin Kiong Wong, 2 books
Taofang Xie, 2 books
Xinhuang Xiao, 2 books
Yijing Lin, 2 books
Jianzhou Wang, 2 books
Zuoquan Liu, 2 books
Delai Zhang, 2 books
Xuexiang Zhou, 2 books
Keizō Takagi, 2 books
Nicole Constable, 2 books
Chongyue Huang, 2 books
Dong Wang, 2 books
Quanzheng Qiu, 2 books
Huizi Peng, 2 books
Fayou Huang, 2 books
Lunhui Ye, 2 books
Yuanheng Tan, 2 books


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