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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Jerome Ch'en, 3 books
Tongxin Zhang, 3 books
Rebecca Nedostup, 3 books
Sha, Qianli, 2 books
Liu, Weikai., 2 books
Paul K. T. Sih, 2 books
Fan Wang, 2 books
Boliu Yu, 2 books
Pearl S. Buck, 2 books
Chiao-min Hsieh, 2 books
Yinan Jin, 2 books
Fitzgerald, John, 2 books
Chʻiu-pai Chʻü, 2 books
Z. E. Maĭstrova, 1 book
Braun, Otto, 1 book
Gino Nebiolo, 1 book
Paul Simon, 1 book
Hans Pause, 1 book
Agnes Smedley, 1 book
M. Kh Makhmutkhodzhaev, 1 book
Cao, Juren, 1 book
Anna Louise Strong, 1 book
Fujii, Takami, 1 book
Liu, Feng., 1 book
Thupten Sangay, 1 book


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