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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Chiang, Kai-shek, 20 books
Jiamin Yin, 9 books
Yingtai Dou, 8 books
Tianshi Yang, 8 books
Hollington Kong Tong, 7 books
Ching-kuo Chiang, 7 books
Chiang, Ching-kuo, 6 books
Feng Wang, 6 books
Li, Ao, 5 books
Jiang, Weiguo, 5 books
Shuwei Cheng, 5 books
Chaozhu Wang, 5 books
Jieru Chen, 5 books
Zijin Huang, 5 books
Guangyuan Wang, 5 books
Wenyi Tian, 5 books
Ye, Yonglie., 4 books
Jiang, Yongjing, 4 books
Ruping Yan, 4 books
Songlin Li, 4 books
Husheng He, 4 books
Yiqing Tan, 4 books
Yonggang Shi, 4 books
Lattimore, Owen, 4 books
Guangyuan Wang, 4 books


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