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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Chiang, Ching-kuo, 13 books
Ray S. Cline, 4 books
Songlin Li, 3 books
Chongsheng Zhu, 3 books
Xu, Haoran., 2 books
Gaoru Qi, 2 books
Liu, Hong., 2 books
Nan Jiang, 2 books
Chen Guo, 2 books
Yuan Weng, 2 books
Yinghua Ma, 2 books
Wenyi Tian, 2 books
Wakabayashi, Masahiro, 1 book
Hu, Xin., 1 book
Zhu, Xiujuan., 1 book
Tang, Xinghan., 1 book
Loren Fessler, 1 book
A. G. Larin, 1 book
Shao Chuan Leng, 1 book
Wang, Sheng., 1 book
James Chu-yul Soong, 1 book
Lee, Teng-hui., 1 book
Yingtai Dou, 1 book
Zhesheng Yang, 1 book
Sheng Zhong, 1 book


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