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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Sun, Yat-sen, 3 books
Jiang, Yongjing, 3 books
Kuisong Yang, 3 books
Lu Zou, 3 books
Tu Ba, 3 books
Zhongguo guo min dang. Quan guo dai biao da hui, 2 books
Thomas Tze Chung Woo, 2 books
Lyon Sharman, 2 books
Xiurong Huang, 2 books
Guoming Liu, 2 books
Yude Ren, 2 books
Yunhan Li, 2 books
Yi Zheng, 2 books
Xiaobo Wang, 2 books
Kānčhana Prakātwutthisān., 2 books
Zhen Lei, 2 books
N. L. Mamaeva, 2 books
Ming He, 2 books
Chang, Chʻi-yün., 2 books
L. N. Borokh, 1 book
Ovchinnikov, I͡U. M., 1 book
Agnes Smedley, 1 book
G. V. Astafʹev, 1 book
M. Kh Makhmutkhodzhaev, 1 book
Anna Louise Strong, 1 book


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