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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Oskar Niedermayer, 23 books
n/a, 22 books
Ostrogorski, M., 19 books
Louis Sandy Maisel, 19 books
V. V. Shelokhaev, 17 books
Peter Mair, 17 books
Pascal Delwit, 15 books
Indonesia., 15 books
Princeton University. Library, 15 books
Richard Rose, 14 books
Russell J. Dalton, 14 books
Ian Budge, 14 books
Juan Rial Roade, 14 books
William J. Crotty, 12 books
Giorgio Galli, 12 books
Heinrich Oberreuter, 12 books
Fritz Plasser, 11 books
Kay Lawson, 11 books
Hans-Dieter Klingemann, 11 books
Daniel-Louis Seiler, 11 books
Congressional Quarterly, Inc., 10 books
Charlot, Jean, 10 books
Vladimir Pribylovskiĭ, 10 books
Vladimir Zhirinovskiĭ, 10 books
Ulrich von Alemann, 10 books