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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Anqi Wang, 9 books
Shouren Chen, 6 books
Bai, Xianyong, 4 books
Mei, Lanfang, 4 books
Weizhu Hong, 4 books
Chengbei Xu, 4 books
Wu, Xiaoru., 3 books
Yanqiu Cheng, 3 books
Qing Yue, 3 books
Zeng, Yongyi., 2 books
Tao, Junqi., 2 books
Zhang, Geng, 2 books
Colin Mackerras, 2 books
Kui An, 2 books
Yude Zhou, 2 books
Zhongshi Ouyang, 2 books
Chuanxing Zhong, 2 books
Shanghai tu shu guan, 2 books
Ting Qiu, 2 books
Yi Su, 2 books
Bailin Shi, 2 books
Maoxian Lin, 2 books
Zhi Jin, 2 books
Xufeng Yao, 2 books
Yihe Zhang, 2 books


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