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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Simon Brett, 23 books
Sarah Tieck, 22 books
Winter, William, 16 books
John Gielgud, 14 books
Sheridan Morley, 13 books
Philip H. Highfill, 12 books
Kathleen Tracy, 12 books
Kalman A. Burnim, 12 books
Edward A. Langhans, 11 books
Macready, William Charles, 10 books
Tamra Orr, 10 books
Terri Dougherty, 10 books
Amie Jane Leavitt, 10 books
Fedor Razzakov, 10 books
Maggie Murphy, 10 books
Simon Callow, 9 books
Thomas Riggs, 9 books
Sacha Guitry, 8 books
Hal Marcovitz, 8 books
Margaret Frazer, 8 books
Garry O'Connor, 8 books
Simon Hawke, 8 books
Konstantin Stanislavsky, 8 books
Dirk Bogarde, 8 books
Jacques Lorcey, 8 books


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