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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Heather E. Schwartz, 19 books
Julia Holt, 16 books
Sarah Tieck, 13 books
Nadia Higgins, 12 books
Terri Dougherty, 12 books
Kenny Abdo, 12 books
Michael A. Schuman, 11 books
Jill C. Wheeler, 11 books
Michael-Anne Johns, 11 books
John Bankston, 10 books
Maggie Murphy, 10 books
Jody Jensen Shaffer, 10 books
Sarah Tieck, 9 books
Rosemary Wallner, 9 books
Hill, Anne E., 9 books
Katie Franks, 9 books
Susan Zannos, 8 books
Ann Gaines, 7 books
Katherine E. Krohn, 7 books
Kristin McCracken, 7 books
Jordan Cooke, 7 books
Katie Kawa, 7 books
David Paige, 6 books
Tamra Orr, 6 books
Jen Calonita, 6 books


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